Tour The Foundry

Among bronze artists Raymond Gibby is unique. He began his knowledge of creating art in a foundry as an apprentice. Following that beginning, he owned and operated his own foundry for 11 years. Demand for his work became so great, he moved near the foundry where he apprenticed. Today, he personally directs the work on each of his bronze pieces.

Savvy bronze art collectors are aware there is a lot of work in the creation of a bronze art piece. In this room you’ll gain the detailed knowledge of the processes from conception, through sculpting, and all the way to applying a patina to your art piece. To accomplish this, we invite to take a virtual tour of the foundry to see the foundry process. We will include conception, sculpting, molding, waxing, casting, metal work and patina.

Speaking about Patina…the finished patina on any art project can be adjusted to meet any of your bronze art desires. When ordering a Gibby art piece, you will speak directly with Raymond so the both of you can determine the correct patina. Here you will find a short summary of patina options.

As an added bonus, you’ll find a “Quick Care Guide for Bronze Sculpture” to care for your art. Here you can also learn about different methods and options for installing a large bronze with diagrams.

And again…any place in the process you may feel free to give Raymond a call.

The Foundry Process

See step by step how bronze sculptures are made.

Patina Options

Learn how patinas are chosen for particular sculptures

Caring for Bronzes

Study how to care for both indoor and outdoor bronze sculptures.