The Art Buying Experience

Buying a piece of fine art is a very exciting experience.

First off, there is a point when art moves you. It is fantastic to look at. It makes your heart beat faster. It will provide joy and inspiration to your home or business.

There are several things to consider when buying art.

Originality – Fine art is original – not another created exactly like it anywhere in the world.

Emotional impact – the art speaks to you.

Exclusivity – in sculptures there is an edition of them made from the same mold. After the edition is complete…the mold is destroyed.

Connection with the artist. – time with the artist provides inspiration and when a collector acquires their first Gibby Fine art bronze sculpture, it is not normally their last.

Price – fine art is not a commodity – there is a resale value. Exclusivity as mentioned above helps ensure that value.

With this information you can now take confidence in being a fine art collector.

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