Feel free to come visit me at the annual NatureWorks Art Show and Sale, where art lovers can browse paintings, sculptures and wooden carvings by the top wildlife, western and landscape artists across the United States.

NatureWorks selects a few featured artists in addition to the many talented exhibiting artists whose work will be on display throughout the entire show. Thirty percent of each art sale goes toward supporting the development and conservation of Oklahoma’s natural habitats, as well as the creatures who live in and depend upon those habitats.

Be sure to check out the website to find out more details about the 2018 Art Show held at the Renaissance Tulsa Hotel & Convention Center on February 24-25. Patron party Friday, February 23rd.

This blog post is my first induction into the blogging world. I have been professionally sculpting since Sept. 2001…not a prosperous time for artists or for the world, for that matter. In the wake of 911, art seemed to be the last thing on anyone’s minds…except mine and others artist who faced the dilemma of trying to make a living. Getting started in that economic environment may have been great training, from an observation standpoint. By watching many artists struggle during that time, I had a front row seat to where the chinks in the artists marketing armor were.

The artist that have lasted over the last 15 years are those that somehow were able to get their message out and continue to sell despite some a poor economic environment. One of my art friends, that started his career the same time that I did, survived by stepping up his marketing efforts while I learned to do all of my manufacturing production to increase profits from each piece sold. Both my friend and I have done well for ourselves, yet there comes a time when one has story to tell, it needs to be told.

My strong foundry background has made me a powerfully effective sculptor, but admittedly my friend has shown me through his example of effective marketing that it’s time for more people to hear from me. Get ready.

So for this blog I hope to share some of my perspectives of what I have learned over the last 15 years… and perhaps a lesson or two from before that. I will also invite of my friends, and family weigh in to get their perspective so that we can learn what the have observed as they have been through my career struggles and successes with me. It is not always easy to be close to artist and support them as they attempt to scratch out a career from little more than a desire, no money, and very raw talent. I will also invite art professionals to participate, and tell what they have observed and learned and what is important to them as they work with the artists in building their careers.

My hope is that we can all learn and grow. Perhaps the next generation of artists and art professionals will be able to enjoy and benefit from this information.

Also this information should hopefully give an interesting insight for all of my collectors and other appreciators of the fine arts to see the inside point of view of the art process of being and becoming a successful and collectable artist.