Like all art, the goal in purchasing a bronze sculpture is to identify if the piece in question is real or a replica. We’ve listed eight tips to help aid new collectors in identifying and purchasing a true hot cast bronze.

  1. When possible buy from the artist or a representing gallery. Check the artist website to see what galleries their artwork is found in to ensure it’s a true art piece and not a replica.
  2. To test if you have a molten bronze or a bonded bronze tap a hollow section of the sculpture. If it produces a ringing sound when it is a molten sculpture. A bonded sculpture will sound a dull thud.
  3. Another way to test if a bronze is molten or bonded is to roll it (if size safety allows). If molten you will hear some rattling of ceramic on the inside. This only applies to bronzes that are welded closed.
  4. A real bronze will be colder to the touch than that of a cold cast bronze.
  5. The final way to tell if the bronze is molten or bonded is to scratch away the patina in an inconspicuous area. If it’s a true molten bronze, the scratch will reveal a bright gold color (not recommended). Alternately check the very bottom of the bronze where patina covering may not have been applied.
  6. Focus on finding original sculptures appraised by a professional.
  7. Artist create limited runs of a piece called “Editions.” Limited editions typically increase the value of the piece. Often the editions are also limited due to the molds used to cast the piece wearing out. The value of an edition also is determined by the fame and demand of the artist.
  8. Questions to ask to determine the value and legitimacy of an artist work are:
    1. What has he done?
    2. Where has he been seen?
    3. What of his has been sold?
  9. Chasing is the process of removing any welding marks. This process requires extreme skill, attention to detail and lots of time. Rod marks, smoothly polished areas, or mechanical etchings may be signs of a lower quality bronze such as one made in a product foundry.
  10. Check the dimensions. Hot casting a bronze to cause the bronze to expand when heated and contract when cooled. A finished cooled casting will be 2-3% smaller in size. Check the finished size against the precast. If smaller you may have an original.
  11. As you grow your collection, you will run out of space. When that happens to sell the pieces you value less or pass them on to loved ones to make room for new collections.
  12. Most importantly as a collector, you should love the piece you are purchasing. Cash value and Use value are the two factors that make up the value of a piece. Use value, in my opinion, is the most important. You should love and be inspired by the piece and pay the cash value that makes you happy to own it.

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 – Bud Light has bestowed one more gift upon the City of Brotherly Love following the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win last season.

On Wednesday, a day before the Eagles kick off the 2018 NFL season against the Atlanta Falcons, Bud Light debuted a new statue.

The statue captures the iconic and historical moment when backup quarterback and Super Bowl LII MVP Nick Foles asked “Do you want ‘Philly Philly?’”

Head Coach Doug Pederson obliged, and the call gave way to one of the most memorable plays in Super Bowl history (certainly the most memorable in Eagles history).

Nick Foles is the only quarterback to throw and catch a touchdown in Super Bowl history. The play perfectly epitomized this Eagles team. It showed the amazing chemistry they have on and off the field and the aggressive play calling from Doug Pederson that earned him a Super Bowl title.

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The special moment between Nick Foles and Doug Pederson in Super Bowl 52 is now cast in metal for all generations of Philadelphia Eagles fans to remember forever.

Bud Light unveiled the statue of Doug and Nick inside the Headhouse Plaza at Lincoln Financial Field on Wednesday morning. The statue depicts the moment Nick asked Doug if he “wants Philly Philly?” To which Pederson famously responded, “Yeah, let’s do it.”

The rest, as they say, is history.

Foles caught a touchdown on the trick play on 4th down to the amazement of the sporting world.

The base of the statue includes the conversation the two had and that the statue is courtesy of Bud Light.

We’re told the statue will remain outside of the Linc “for at least this season” with the possibility of it being a permanent fixture.

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The “Philly Special” is now immortalized in bronze outside the home of the Eagles.

Eagles cheerleaders, mascot Swoop joined the Bud Light town crier (the guy in the funny hat) to unveil the more-than-life-sized statue of quarterback Nick Foles and coach Doug Pederson calling the iconic play from the Eagles’ Super Bowl win.

“Do you want Philly Philly?”, the date of Super Bowl LII and the Bud Light logo adorn the stone base.

Bud Light and the Philadelphia Eagles unveiled the “Philly Special” statue outside Lincoln Financial Field Wednesday. See Larger
Photo credit: NBC10 – Gary Watson

Eagles fans can check out the statue in the HeadHouse Plaza area of Lincoln Financial Field during the Eagles’ season opener Thursday.

The 9-foot-tall statue was sculpted by Raymond Gibby and commissioned by Bud Light as part of their “Philly Philly” slogan campaign.

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