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Medium: Bronze
Type: Sculpture
Title: View From The Top
Dimensions: 23 × 11 × 10 in

“View from the top” is a depiction of quail, but this piece really represents people and their attitudes with regard to achieving their dreams.

The quail on the bottom of the sculpture is looking up with envy, believing that it is life’s circumstances that are keeping him down, yet he is unwilling to even try to live his dreams. And so he remains tucked as close to the ground and sheltered as possible.

The second quail from the bottom has a desire to live her dreams but felt debilitated at the first attempt to rise up. Immediately after taking her first leap she couldn’t help but desist from looking up anymore due to fear that she may fall if she continues any further. Not willing to overcome self-doubt, her focus remains on where she was instead of her next step toward achieving her goals.

The third quail from the bottom has been brave enough to attempt achieving his goals, but along the way, he became content with his previous successes and stopped climbing. From his station he remains there with unfulfilled potential.

The quail on the top has taken the necessary steps and risks needed to get to the top. With a sense of satisfaction, he can enjoy the rewards of the experience acquired along his journey. He also sees the big picture of life from his higher vantage point. He is content that he did not relent in his desire to live his full potential.

Two other baby quail are on the side of the sculpture. Both faithfully are setting their views on the top as well. With their eyes fixed they will eventually achieve their dreams…that is unless they allow the naysayers to tear them down as they are trying to grow into their potential.

It is important to note that living up to one’s own potential does not necessarily mean making lots of money or gaining power over others. It means finding out what the best you looks like and making that vision a reality.

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View From The Top