Royal Guard


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Tile: Royal Guard
Size: 18″ x 23″ x 20″
Edition 20
Price: $6900


Description of “Royal Guard”

I have a friend who described one day how a large bull moose stepped out on to a road in front of her as she was driving through the mountains in Colorado. He stopped on the road and turned his backside toward her and just stood there while keeping an eye on her car.  She wondered about this strange behavior and why he wouldn’t just cross the road. Then suddenly cow moose stepped out onto the road and crossed, and then another and another and also some calves ran across. When the last in his herom had safely crossed the road, he finally followed on across and disappeared behind them into the forest.

From this experience came the inspiration to do a bronze that depicted a bull moose standing ready to guard his cow and her calf, even at the risk of his own safety.  I wanted to show that when he is on duty, he is always willing to bravely put himself in harms way and all that are under his stewardship are well protected and nurtured to provide them peace of mind and safety. This sculpure is meant to symbolize the bravery of parents that care for families, first responders that protect our communities and service men and women that sacrifice to look out for our national security.

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Royal Guard