The Dynasty




Medium: Bronze
Type: Sculpture
Title: The Dynasty
Dimensions: 7″x 20″ x 6″
Ed: 20

“The Dynasty” a lighthearted bronze artwork that symbolically shows the maternal relationship of mothers and children using a peaceful scene from the life of a young mallard duck family. The mother swims with confidence and experience while her ducklings stay close by her side, with varying levels of courage and independence. They all trust her direction, so a few stay huddled close while others watch from a slightly further distance behind. One even shows enough courage to vary briefly from the course to do his own thing by dunking his head underwater. The manner in which the ducklings follow and trust the mother hen’s direction is very much an allegorical representation of how kids follow, grow and gradually become more independent. Raymond Gibby used looser textures on this piece than what he normally would do on to form his bird sculptures because he felt that it added to the playfulness of the piece. However, on the head and face of the mother, he kept high details to represent her trustworthy example.

The Dynasty