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Head down, eyes forward, antlers at the ready. He shows his rival that he has been here before. That he is ready if they are. When a moose shows his antlers to another male he is showing him that he has survived up to this moment. That since a young calf that survival is granted to those who have grown through hard times, through battles, through the elements. He is at the ready and has proved himself without a doubt. His size is impressive, yes, but it is the show of strength that has been earned that is most impressive.

In this piece, we learn about ourselves as strong individuals. Our antlers can be many things that show our hard work and ability to persevere no matter what life throws at us. When times get tough…we know we can make it. When an adversary shows itself we show our antlers and tell them we have been here before and we will win. Our show of strength is our ability to continue to know we can and not just wish we will.

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