Rustling In The Grass



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Medium: Bronze
Type: Sculpture
Title: Rustling In The Grass
Ed. 100

We often think of wolves as the tenacious hunters pulling down large animals as a pack in a dramatic effort. But a wolf’s existence often depends on how well it can capitalize on seemingly little opportunities that always surround it. A wolf is keenly aware that it must take advantage of small things on a continual basis to be able to also reap the greater reward that nature provides. In the case of a wolf, it is vital to be observant to its surroundings so that it doesn’t miss the daily gifts it is given.

In this piece, I have depicted a wolf traveling along, its senses constantly on the lookout so that it won’t miss any little noise, smell, or sight that could be its next bite of food. In this case, it was a slight “Rustling in the Grass.”

We, too, can remind ourselves that it is the small things in life that are what sustains us. Every small bit is like manna from Heaven. Each time we find a small gift we improve our ability to discover more. It is important to recognize and be grateful for any small opportunity. An attitude of gratitude can sustain us until the next great feast.

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Rustling In The Grass