Prized Possession



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Medium: Bronze
Type: Sculpture
Title: Prized Possession
Dimensions: 9 × 5 × 6 in

By looking at this bronze artwork and by considering its title, one might think that it is quite obvious what is the prized possession… the fish right? That may be true for the cub. All it has on its mind at that time is the new slippery and delicious lunch that has come into its life. But if one considers how the cub came into ownership of this glorious possession the conclusion has to lead to the fact that this cub is being well cared for by its mother. On other occasions, the same mother would risk injury to fight for her meals, but when it comes to her cub there she will freely give of her substance to ensure it’s well being and health.

My hope in creating this bronze is that both the skill used in crafting this piece and the message behind it will serve to remind us what we should value and by so doing, hopefully, the sculpture will also become a “Prized Possession.”

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Prized Possession