Gratitude, Love, And Respect



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Medium: Bronze
Type: Sculpture
Title: Gratitude, Love, And Respect

Eagle feathers are not just given, nor does an eagle just donate them. Among Native American tribes, an eagle feather had to be rewarded in order for an individual to receive them. Those who had many eagle feathers were very respected having proven themselves time and time again. Eagle feathers were symbols of honor, power, honesty, and greatness. They were earned through an individual’s acts of bravery that resulted in the overall care, protection, and well-being of the tribe. For this reason, they were given as a trophy, representing the tribes “Gratitude, Love, and Respect.”

In modern times feathers can be used in Native American religious ceremonies, but it is the federal government that regulates the distribution of eagle feathers to tribes.

As an artist, I wanted to help others relive the practice of giving to those whom we love and respect through the creation of a bronze eagle feather. Both my feathers and real eagle feathers are very rare and exclusive, but the rewarding my bronze eagle feather is at least legal and a great way to show someone else what they have meant.

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Gratitude, Love, And Respect