Cry Of The Ancients


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Medium: Bronze
Type: Sculpture
Title: Cry Of The Ancients
Dimensions: 26 × 24 × 23 in

How much is too much? Throughout history, we have seen many nations move to conquer others, and use methods that have little or no thought given to what damage may lay for generations to come. As war seeps into the hearts of men their drive to win leaves many innocents destroyed in the wake. Lives are changed and entire species can be taken down to near extinction. In the quest for more: riches, land, resources whatever it may be, little thought is put into those who were caught in the middle.

In this piece, we see the Raven perched on a buffalo skull to warn us of what can happen when we only think of ourselves. During the time of the American/Indian war, buffalo were the innocents that were caught in the middle. The troops were ordered to kill off the herds to get the ultimate submission and accept the chosen destination of what is now called the reservations. As a result, we now only see very few buffalo which used to roam o plenty throughout North America. Such a waste.

To change the future we only need to look to the past. Our ancestors have made grave mistakes that have changed our world that we live in today. Can we truly learn from our past? Can we change the future by looking to the past? Can we listen to the cry of the ancients that beg us to change our ways?

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Cry Of The Ancients