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Title: “Battle Cross”
Dimensions: 45 × 14 × 14 in

The strongest bonds are forged in war. When the nightmare of battle comes to take you into the fold, it is the men in front, to the sides and behind you that hold your life in their hands.

Strangers at first, these soldiers are forced to trust each other, but when the first snap from a bullet goes overhead the training takes over and their trust in one another is fused together almost instantly.

From firefight to firefight these once soldiers are now family. Confiding in one another, sharing how they feel, telling stories about home, showing pictures of their families. Even though war is hell a family is born down range between explosions and empty round casings.

When a soldier is taken too soon, this isn’t just another body taken away from the frontlines, it’s a family member who has left a hole in the platoon. Their loss is greater than most will ever know. Their face will forever haunt their dreams.

“Those who know don’t talk. Those who talk don’t know.” ~Lao Tzu

To honor all those who have fought to preserve Liberty

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Battle Cross