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Medium: Bronze
Type: Sculpture
Title: Awakening

The behavior of animals can tell us a lot about what is going on around. Ravens can be good messengers in this sense. Imagine if you were a deer on the ground and saw a group of ravens gathering in the trees above and working their way toward you through the branches. What could you take from that? It just so happens that ravens and wolves have been known to work together. Ravens will fly ahead of a wolf pack and lead the pack to potential prey. So when the Ravens are gathering around you then it’s time to “awaken” to the realization that the wolves are not far behind.

The survival story of the Raven and wolf is a lesson for us. Although it is important to maintain a positive and joyful outlook on life, it is also important to “awaken” to when the “ravens are gathering” so that positive action can be taken before life’s wolves arrive. It may be the very thing that prevents heartache, and safeguards true felicity.

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