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Back when I was newly married, I took a job at an animal shelter. My primary responsibility there was to care for all of the dogs and make sure they were healthy.

Each day as I would enter the corridor of kennels, all of the dogs would frantically jump up against their front gates and bark.

One day we received two wolves that were part of legal investigation. They were confiscated from an apparent drug dealer.

It didn’t take long to realize that I was dealing with a different kind of animal. As I entered into the quarantine area of the kennel, the only part that I would ever see of the wolves were their back ends gliding through the small gate to the exterior wall. They apparently always knew when I was coming into the room and tried to make their selves elusive. But they didn’t just hide. After slipping into the back portion of the kennel, they would also lower their heads and with one eye each, they would peer through the small gate in order to keep a close watch on my activities. I never heard them bark, or any other sounds  from them for that matter.

Many years later, as a sculpture, I remembered that time that I had with the wolves and wanted to depict the pose that I imagined must have been behind the wall that separated us. I still remembered the watchful glow of their eyes looking through the dark opening.  I considered the wisdom that wild dogs need in order to be able to survive in their environment. Thousands of years of natures superior breeding program produced these magnificent specimens. I still remember the stark contrast displayed in the prudent behavior of the wolves as compared to the insane barking of the domesticated dogs.

It seems that we have come a long way in society…, but then again, maybe we can take a lesson from the wolves. Maybe if we were to take on the role of quite observers for a while we might be just a bit wiser.

Canines, Sold Out
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