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Title: “She’s My Angel”

24H x 15W x 11D

Edition 15

Price: $4300


The inspiration for this piece comes from days of the old west. When men went out on the range for days on end. Many of these men had little to no refinement to speak of. The story is that one day this old cowboy returns from the range, dirty and little care for his appearance when all of the sudden his eyes are set on this woman. She is so beautiful he thinks to himself, “I need to know her”. He gathers up his courage to try and win her over by trying to be the best self he can be.


Even though he is rough around the edges, he works so hard to be better than he was yesterday. As you can see she is taken by his efforts and even though his topic of conversation isn’t that interesting, she still knows that he is the one for her.


To this old cowboy is in awe that this woman would walk with him and be by his side. He sees her as more than just a regular human being. She’s an angel here on earth.


We all have that special someone in our lives that give our world meaning, hope, inspiration.

No matter who we are or where we have been, she is there to reveal the softer side under our rough exterior. To allow us to show our feelings. To expose our compassion. To help us in becoming a better man.

Figurative, For Sale, Precast
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  • jack jinkerson
    Posted at 03:33h, 02 December

    please send me the precast price of “Return Of The White Buffalo” thanks. jack