About This Project

Title: “Love at First Sight”

21H x 12W x 15D

Edition 10

Price: $4200

A few years back I took my children to a county fair and we visited the animal barn.  We saw pigs, cows, and chickens.  When we got to the Mini Rex rabbits the kids fell in love with them.  They gazed upon them with wonder and delight.  They held them and felt their softness with their fingertips and were amazed at the fineness of the fur.  The children begged to be able to bring home those bunnies.  We took them home and it began a new hobby for our family.

In life, we come upon things that capture our heart and attention.  We desire to make it a part of our lives so we can continue to feel the way we did when we first saw it.   Those things that we fall in love with at first sight often become the outlet of expression for who we are inside.

Figurative, For Sale, People
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