About This Project

Title: “Pack Leader”

36″H x 56″W x 24″D

Ed. 20

Price: $17,600

**Lifesize Wolf**

The Alpha male of a pack can be easily spotted. With their head held high always scanning the horizon, they are hyper-vigilant to his surroundings. Notice his gaze that is unshaken. He sees what others do not. Notice his confidence as he stands motionless. Others may want his place, but few are willing to try and take it.


The Pack Leader is more than just the oldest, he is the one that others look to for guidance and protection. Being strong isn’t enough. Being big isn’t enough. To be the pack leader he needs to be on guard for others and himself at the exact same time.


It may seem wonderful at the top, but heavy is the head the wears the crown.


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