About This Project

Title: ” Long Pursuit”

4″ x 3.75 x 2

Ed. 75

Price: $250

A wolf’s hunting method involves great endurance and patience.  Unlike many predators that give up at the first sign that they won’t obtain their quarry, a wolf is in it for the duration of the hunt. Working in a tight nit effort, a wolf pack will pursue it’s prey over many miles until every possible effort has been made to achieve its goal.

In the piece “Long Pursuit” I wanted to depict a wolf looking from a ledge over a vast distance, as it is beginning to grasp the distance of its hunt.  It isn’t just looking at the here and now, but it is also considering what lengths it will take to in order to have success.

May it also be with us, that we do not give up at the first sign of difficulty, but instead understand that any worthy goal may require lengthy efforts and that the journey to achieve our prize becomes in it of itself a great reward.

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