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Title: “Attitude is Everything

7’3″H x 5’W x 4’D

Ed. 10

Price: $86,515

The Kodiak Grizzly is among the world’s most intimidating predators. It moves through its environment in a confident yet nonchalant manner. It is not looking for a fight or to be aggressive, however, it will not hesitate to defend itself and its home turf.

In the piece “Attitude Is Everything” I depicted an average sized Kodiak showing off what he is made of. A coastal grizzly actually can grow to be several feet larger. But one thing that I have noticed, as I have studied many hours of bear footage, is that it isn’t always the biggest or the strongest that wins out in the quest for survival.

I have seen smaller bears that felt they had more at stake as they take on larger bears in a conflict of territory. They will often win out over a larger bear due to an having an attitude of tenacity and determination. I have seen a mother sow scare off a full grown boar twice her size, and then chase him another 200 yards, just to get her point across.

It is easy to want to give up in life when we don’t feel that our talents and abilities are equal to those of others, but we can remember that a strong positive attitude of determination will often bring us victory throughout our life.

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