So, what is a pre-cast?
Sometimes a bronze collector may hear an artist or gallery representative mention the term “pre-cast.” So what is it and can how can it benefit the avid art lover?

A pre-cast is an order for a bronze sculpture that has yet to be cast into bronze because it is still in the sculpting phase of creation. A post-cast would obviously then be an order for a bronze sculpture which has been completed as bronze at least once in a limited edition series.


How does the artist benefit? 
At times an artist will offer these pre-casts with a lower price in order to incentivize collectors to purchase a piece sooner so that the artist might have enough funds to create the master rubber mold.  From this mold, all the subsequent pieces in a given edition will be created.


Why the lower cost to the collector?
The lower cost is due in part because the collector is putting his or her trust in the goodwill and skill of the artist to finish the piece to their liking. The collector also usually has a longer length of time to wait for the arrival of their finished piece since the sculpting is not, at that time, completed yet, and since the first bronzes take several months to get through the molding and casting processes. In addition, an artist may want to have sold several precasts before they decide to begin the casting process.


Why are pre-casts a great investment?
I never recommend that a person buy a bronze solely for the investment value. You should love the look and meaning of the piece also. However, one of the major benefits in ordering a precast involves the fact that the prices are usually significantly lower than a post-cast.  A post-cast is priced at a normal (higher) cost, so by the time your pre-cast sculpture (now a post-cast) arrives at your home it will have already increased in monetary value. The normal way to have a piece increase in value is to have the limited edition become more exclusive. As a bronze series sells out of its edition, the value and price of the piece go up. So the earlier that a piece is purchased in the edition help from an investment standpoint. So by purchasing a pre-cast, this gives an additional boost to your investment. Again, only buy a piece if you will also cherish it.

As an artist and art lover, I still find that the greatest investment in an artwork is the way that it elevates your spirit. It should make you feel moved to joy by its look and meaning. If a piece can do that, then, in my opinion, it is a worthy investment that can benefit you, your family, friends, and guests for many years to come.


How do I get in on investing in a precast?
The best way to reap the benefits of investing in a pre-cast is by staying close to the artist’s work and to the galleries that represent the artist. Check this website on at least a monthly basis. You can sign up to be on a mailing list and or e-mail list. I will try to put my newest works and pre-casts on the front home page of this website. So that art lovers and investors can get in on the “ground floor.” Please feel free to email, call or text me from my contact page. I am an artist that loves visiting with my collectors and providing the information they need to be a Gibby collector. Art is the way I connect with people.