How To Get A Gibby

There are several ways you may purchase a Gibby Bronze.

  1. In person
    Gibby loves meeting his collectors in person, including his new collectors. Often times you may be treated to a tour of the art foundry and lunch afterwards as part of this experience. Use the contact page for details in setting up this meeting.
  2. Online
    Artwork and gift cards may be purchased and applied at this website.
  3. At a gallery
    Visit this link to see a full list of our galleries.
  4. Art Shows
    Visit the link below for the art shows Gibby is displaying his art
    How to put a bronze on order:

If you did not collect an existing art piece, your art piece is not created yet. A ⅓ deposit will get the bronze flowing. When the art is complete, the remaining balance is due prior to delivery. Shipping or delivery details will be worked out when you call.

In the case of a specially commissioned piece and following the no-charge artist’s sketch of your piece, a ⅓ installment, with an agreement will get the sculpture process moving. A second 1/3 installment is made after the clay is finished and approved by the collector and a final ⅓ installment is made, plus shipping, after the artwork is completed prior to delivery.


Gibby also offers a layaway plan for all his art when buying it through his website or in person. The layaway plan is 12 months. Your art piece will be created after a level of ⅓ has been paid and we will store the piece until the final payment is made. Shipping/Delivery may be included.

Gibby Bronze accepts credit/debit cards, cashier’s checks, money wire, money orders and regular checks. Checks, of course, will need to clear the bank prior to delivery.

View from Gibby’s childhood home

“The desire and power to create is our divine heritage.”