Going up in Value

Gibby’s Bronzes continue to increase in value through incorporating high quality craftsmanship and small edition sizes for exclusivity. See he and his crew do a bronze pour. A Gibby bronze truly deserves to be placed on a pedestal. See what else Gibby has done throughout his carrier to build his brand and the value of his pieces by linking to his Experience page.

VIP Treatment

Be among the top athletes, film stars, CEOs, successful professionals and institutions that own a Gibby. A Gibby bronze definitely impresses those who see it.  Gibby offers personal delivery and installation by the artist himself for VIP purchases. You always have his listening ear so call or email for any questions or comments.

Connect with others

Gibby likes to get to know his collectors. You might just be informally adopted into his family. Each of his pieces mean something important to him, and so you become important to him. His pieces have also helped to link communities and loved ones through the messages which are expressed in the subject matter of each piece. Check out Gibby’s biography to get to know him better also.

Meet the Artist

Gibby will be at the Mountain trails Gallery Jackson, Wy in October. Contact Artist to get more details or become a “Fan” of Gibby Bronze to find out about other upcoming works and events. Follow him on Facebook.