The Gibby Gallery

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The Gibby Gallery

Thank you for entering the Gibby Gallery where Raymond Gibby’s work is on magnificent display. Gibby is widely known for his wildlife sculptures and to make it a bit easier we have gathered his wildlife art by classes of the animal kingdom. We have created a few other rooms for his Native American and Western Art along with his many commissioned works. Throughout the gallery you may choose the narration feature and I will happily tell you about the art and why Gibby was inspired to create it.

At any time throughout the gallery I invite you to like or even add a comment to any page or piece of art. When you want to arrange to purchase a piece of art, visit our “The Art Collector Experience” room.

If you are curious about how this beautiful artwork is cre

ated, I would invite you to tour the foundry where you will learn about the casting process and become more educated on what goes into making a Gibby Bronze.

Please enjoy yourself.

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