Artist Statement

Gibby’s family


There are two main fountains of inspiration by which artist Raymond Gibby derives inspiration to create his figurative and wildlife bronzes. First, he draws upon his childhood memories, from the times that he was growing up in the hills outside of Riverside, California. His second main source of inspiration comes from the raising of his own family of seven children with his beautiful wife, Aimee Gibby, in the mountains of Utah.


Using wildlife subject matter as a medium of expression, Gibby attempts to depict aspects of human behavior to share lessons about humanity. Gibby says,”because animals are always truthful in accordance with their natural instincts, they become a great tool for crafting a message about some theme of humanity. Most of my artwork depicts animals, but they are about people. With my art I hope others can connect to their own life’s situations and find encouragement plus instruction”.


Beyond wildlife, throughout his career, Gibby has offered his abilities to observe and create, to help others pay respects to legendary and loved people utilizing his figurative work. Gibby says, “ It is an honor to be involved in paying respect to those who have done so much for others. I do my small part, but by doing so; I can serve so many who want to honor an individual in a meaningful way. For a brief moment I come into the greatness of that person’s life and become a front-seat witness to all that that person has done. It is usually a very sobering and humbling experience. I learn so much each time that I have the opportunity to sculpt an individual. I do my best to depict their lives within the expression and placement of the clay.”


Gibby recognizes the origins of his abilities. There have been some amazing people who have tutored and nurtured his abilities throughout the years. “Each of these people have been a gift to me and my career”, Gibby expresses. The greatest contributor to his abilities is God, having given him a desire to learn. It has always been within him to try to get better in this particular discipline, and as he has tried to do his best the ability to create with success has always followed. Gibby states, “The desire and power to create is our divine heritage. It is within every man and woman. Although I use clay for this purpose, there isn’t a person on this earth that doesn’t create in some way. I encourage every person to find that medium of creation in their own lives and try to use it to bless others.”

“The desire and power to create is our divine heritage.”