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About This Project

7′ x 5′ x 3′


This beautiful life-size bronze eagle bronze would make a great feature to outdoor landscaping and any sculpture garden.

The eagle is depicted as being perched on a gnarled old tree trunk that has withstood hardships and struggles, including even a forest fire. The bark on the trunk is growing over an old burned mark. So althought the eagle is the main feature of the piece, it is the perseverance of the tree that has “triumphed” and is now strong enough to bear the weight of the majestic king of the skies.

This eagle was sculpted with great accuracy and detail. Each of the primary and secondary feathers were individually created before they were added to the main body of the wings to give details that are not often found in bronze birds of prey. Precise measurements were taken and scaled up to proper size so that this eagle has extreme life-like qualities and will be a stunning piece of which any art collector can be proud to display.

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